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Ted Zimmermann Ted Zimmermann | 09 januari kl 21:24
Good day, everyone - I thought that it would be a good idea as we start 2020 to see if we have an new "40 Jahre 911" (911 996 40th anniversary edition) owners or if any of our previous owners may have sold their cars. Our Registry is now over six years old and has grown very much since its beginning. We have identified nearly 900 of our cars by their limited edition numbers and have close to 700 current owners in the Registry. Also, it is now easier to find the read the Registry car lists, both the list that shows each car by number and the list that shows cars that we still need to identify. Here is the link where you can find both.

Also, in case you did not see it, last year one of our owners (Steve who owns Nr. 1374) passed the 400,000 mile mark (that is nearly 650,000km)! If you own one of our cars but we have not made contact please message me here, email me at, or send a message from the Registry website or Registry Facebook page ( Also, if you have sold your car, please let me know as well so that I can update the Registry car list and records. Thank you all very much!

Ted (Nr. 0711)
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