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Bloggar : Anna N.K. : How much does “the Dream” cost? Or Toys for Boys.
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How much does “the Dream” cost? Or Toys for Boys.

At the age of four you dream your parents buy you a toy car. At the age of 20 you dream you can buy yourself a dream car. At the age of 32+ you make your dreams come in true.

This Friday, on 26 th of November, on THS Radio ( from 10 till 11 p.m. (Stockholm time) we are going to speak about how much “ the Dream” on four wheels cost? About what cars the new generation is dreaming about? Where can man play with his “toys”? What sport cars are popular among men and women? And who is Swedish Shumaher?

Jacob Langer, Lamborghini Stockholm salesman, will be our dear guest on this broadcasting.

Listen to us via or 93.5 FM (Stockholm only) this Friday from 10-11 p.m.
Join our discussion by ringing us 087909869 on air.

Hear you soon,

Anna N.K.

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